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Goonies Never Say Die
is a Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) Guild on the Orien Server that fosters fun, exploration and comeraderie.

Style: The guild is fosters casual gameplay.  Most of us are new to DDO, have low level characters and are more concerned with learning the tactics and mechanics of the game.  None of us have reached end-game but there are NO plans to make this a pure raiding guild.  We are likely to explore casual, relaxed raiding.

Rules: Our number one rules are Treat Folks with Respect and Consideration and Have Fun.  Often we've found that it's necessary to specifical spell out the rules so here they are:

- No discrimination against Gender, Sex, Religion, Race, Political Views or any similar nonsense.
- No begging for runs or money.  Asking for help is fine but don't expect anyone to drop what they are doing to coddle you.
- No elistism.  Most of our players are new to the game but very familiar with other MMOs and/or the pnp D&D rules.  Many of us like to experiment with different character builds and ideas.  We welcome advice but do not tolerate rules lawyering.  If someone wants to build a sorceror/rogue/paladin let them be.
- No asshats.  We like to see friendly, nice folks in the guild that want to relax and just have fun.  Jerks are not tolerated and will be removed.
- We are Family Friendly.  Most of us are OLD people that remember playing D&D when 1st and 2nd edition came out.  Some members might want to play with their kids.  Try to keep the foul language down, especially during prime-time US hours.
- We take any type of account, whether you are VIP, Premier or playing for free.  Our members should not feel pressured into forking out cash if they don't want to or have the finances for it.

We Want YOU to become a part of our online family if you think that Goonies Never Say Die sounds like a good fit.  Wanting to go after the "Rich Stuff" via questing and smashing barrels, adventuring, exploring, occasional roleplaying is something that our member enjoy both solo and in groups.

So dig out that old Cyndi Lauper album that you've been hiding from everyone, put on your 80's Wristbands, get a pint of "Rocky Road" and sit down and enjoy some game time with us!
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Niktuki, May 17, 10 6:08 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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